• Hygenic Angle Strainer
  • Origin:  China
  • MOQ:  1 Unit
  • Shipping Method:  Sea,Air,Courier
  • Payment Term:  L/C;T/T;Western Union,Paypal

Hygienic Angle strainer introduction:

The hygienic range of stainless steel pipeline strainers is ideal for applications where ease of cartridge removal and a robust construction are required.

Fitted with stainless steel wedge wire, woven wire mesh, sintered mesh or perforated sheet cartridges, they are designed to:

Prevent foreign bodies damaging or blocking process equipment, such as flow meters, valves and pumps;

Remove undesirable material, such as pips, fruit skins and gaskets;

Control the maximum size of solids and undissolved ingredients.


Hygenic Angle Strainer Features:

FDA complaint materials

full material certification available (to BS EN 10204 3.1b)

hygienic, ie smooth surfaces, no castings (no porosity) & no crevices

quick to dis-assemble for cleaning and sterilising

robust design

right angle or inline configuration

filtering cartridges from 10mm to 0.02mm aperture

wedge wire cartridges, sintered mesh and perforated sheet cartridges are ideal for back flushing applications

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