• Magnetic Filter Housing
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Component Part: Strong permanent magnetic filter bar fixed onto a framework. When anything cont

Features of Magnetic Filters

Component Part: Strong permanent magnetic filter bar fixed onto a framework. When anything containing iron/steel substances passes through the framework, the iron/steel substances will attach themselves onto the wall of the tubes. As a result, your equipment and facilities will be safe and sound, and your productions will be safe for consumption.Specification: our normal size is D25mm; the magnetic flux can reach 12000GS.

  Our standard magnetic filter bars is 25mm.(1 inch) in diameter and any length per customers¡®request up to 2500mm.. Besides, we also take special orders, such as square shape Magnetic bars. Liquid Magnet Traps are designed for heavy duty, large volume liquid and semi-liquid line flow systems. It provides magnetic protection for liquid lines and processing equipment. They preserve product purity by removing small contaminants. So such separators are ideal for liquid purification.

 Magnetic filter Bars containing high intensity rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets are housed within a 304 stainless steel vessel. Magnetic configuration ensures maximum exposure of contamination to the high intensity tubes without impeding liquid flow.

With its flange or quick release clamp top access design, the Trap of magnetic filter is easy to clean. Simply remove the top, lift out the magnet cage, wipe clean and reinstall.

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