• Pump over carts
  • Origin:  China
  • MOQ:  1 Unit
  • Shipping Method:  Sea,Air,Courier
  • Payment Term:  L/C;T/T;Western Union,Paypal

Pump Over Cart
Pump over carts are typically used when doing "pump overs" on a red wine fermentation. The built-in screen allows you to strain some of the seeds that have settled.


1.custom sizes, finishes, fittings and copper drain baskets available
2.fully welded interior seams
3.sump with recessed drain-well for thorough draining & sanitation
4.rim fabricated by forming two 90o bends, creating a very strong damage 5.resistant inverted U-shaped edge
6.stainless steel perforated drain basket
7.solid rear wheels
8.4 swiveling front casters
9.2 tri-clover fittings

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