• Steam filter housing
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Steam Filter (Gas filter)introduction

  Steam filter is designed to help remove both moisture and solid particles, such as pipe scale and rust from the steam supply. It is an stainless steel unit with a removable sintered austenitic stainless steel element. A single closure nut allows for ease of maintenance, while a cleanable element ensures optimum efficiency and prolonged life. The main use of the steam filter is to clean up factory or plant steam to reduce levels of contamination,such as boiler feed chemicals carried over from the boiler off take, so that the end productis not adversely affected. 

Steam filter Typical application

• Highly corrosive pure steam for sterilization of products and equipment in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

• Steam for direct cooking of food products and sterilization of food and beverage containers.

• Clean steam for humidification of clean rooms in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and electronic industries.

• Filtered steam for autoclaves in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industries.


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